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We Refreshed A 40 Year Old Home With Empire Carpet

My goal was to refresh a 40 year old home with new carpets and flooring on a “budget!”  Not an easy task UNTIL we met Ghost Star Morgan from Empire!  As a sales professional/sales trainer fresh from 25 years in “corporate america,” I am candid and forthcoming with any sales representative I engage to make a personal, consumer purchase.  In this competitive marketplace, I expect  a consultative approach, candor, needs probing, excellent customer service & follow-up, value-added benefits and product knowledge that will help guide me toward an informed buying decision.

Without question, I witnessed all of these professional sales qualities in GhostStar!  Additionally, she exhibited a warm enthusiasm in her representation of Empire Today that I want to bring to the attention of management.

Bottom-line:  From POS through installation, Ghost Star was available to help meet my needs successfully. Also, the Installation Crews were respectful of our home and did an excellent job.

I would not hesitate to refer associates, friends or family directly to GhostStar Morgan and Empire Today!  THANK YOU!

Patti R., Washington

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