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We Saw The Empire Today Commercials And Figured Lets Give It A Try

We have always seen Empire Today’s commercials in the morning and we recently bought a house and the first thought was to call Lowe’s.  We did and we also wanted a 2nd opinion.  We called Empire and with our long work hours were pleasantly surprised that they could accommodate a 7 – 9pm estimate time.  We signed up that night at 10:30pm and the carpet crew and tile crew were there at 9:30am the next morning!  We were extremely impressed with Sarkis our sales associate for his honesty and feedback.  We were very impressed with both carpet and tile crews – Rueben, Martin, Jose, Able, Frankie, and Chalib for their professionalism, work ethic and perfection with installing our carpet and tile in our 3300 sq foot house.  They would not take a break even though we bought lunch and drinks for them.  They would show us what they were doing and what we were appreciative of most is that they all said they had worked for Empire for a minimum of 9 years.  Experience is important and they all said they love what they do.  That is service.  My husband and I work in service industries and we would rate them excellent.  Thank you and we will be referring Empire, but especially, Sarkis, Rueben and Able’s crews for the experience.

Janice D., California

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