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Immediate & Best Experience

I am happy to add our positive experience to the rest here on the site. I would like it understood that I was not asked to do this. In fact I was looking around on the web only to identify a carpeting I’d seen and I came across the Empire Today site and decided to leave a few comments.

We had our septic backup into our basement shortly after Thanksgiving. After cleaning most of the mess up and using an enzyme solution to kill bacteria, it was time to consider replacing the carpeting. Like the other experiences here, when I called I got almost immediate responses by email and telephone. A day later we had a sales representative knocking on our door per our agreed meeting time. She brought several samples for us to view, as well as told us about the specials they had going at the time. After looking over the samples we decided to go with one of the special offers as it was in our opinion one of the nicest and definitely affordable.

I can tell you this, when or if we, or anyone in our family or friends need carpeting, we will be steering them toward Empire Today. The experience was absolutely the best I’ve had with any company supplying products directly to the home.  Good Job Guys!!!! And Thanks!!

Jamie D., Washington

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